From Native American DNA to the spread of STDs via anal sex, here’s PROOF that Leftists are scientifically illiterate

There’s a concerted effort among those who identify as “progressives” to stifle all inconvenient truths that might shatter their deranged ideological belief systems. Leftists don’t want anyone to question, for instance, that a super-white, carpetbagger politician like Elizabeth Warren isn’t actually of true Native American ancestry simply because she claims to be. Leftists also don’t want anyone to acknowledge that homosexual males tend to actively spread deadly diseases when they engage in anal sex with other males – even though this is scientific fact – because the Cult of LGBT sees this type of truth as “offensive” and “intolerant.”

These and other insanities of modern-day liberalism are reflective of a newfound culture of insanity throughout the West – a type of insanity that says, “if I don’t like truth or reality, then that truth or reality must be stifled and silenced at all costs.” It’s endemic throughout modern-day liberalism especially, as the crybaby, snowflake tendencies that now demarcate what it means to be a Democrat seek to recreate the world in the image of what liberals wish was true, rather than what actually is true.

In liberal fantasyland, a nutcase Democrat like Elizabeth Warren, for instance, is to be automatically believed when she says she’s Native American because we’re just supposed to “believe all women.” This same standard applies to charlatan “victims” like Christine Blasey Ford as well who, despite a total lack of evidence or proof that she was in any way “assaulted” by the Honorable Justice Brett Kavanaugh, was declared by liberals to be a “survivor” who must be “believed,” otherwise you’re a racist, sexist homophobe.

None of it makes any sense, of course. But to today’s liberals, it’s all completely normal and 100 percent true because it’s what liberals want to be true. There’s no such thing as objectivity, rationalism, or black and white with the Left, in other words – and this is a big reason why many leftists are similarly illiterate – or perhaps even willfully ignorant – when it comes to other truths that they simply don’t like and want to erase down the memory hole of political correctness and speech tyranny.

Vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and GMOs are saving humanity (and other liberal lies)

When it comes to things like natural biology, medicine, and healing, liberals tend to demonstrate the same irrational hysteria that they do for politics. Childhood vaccines and flu shots, for instance, are always safe and effective and never harm anyone, according to many liberals – even though science has shown that vaccines are dangerous and often don’t even work.

The fact that humans are born either male or female – and nothing else – is another point of contention for liberals. According to the modern-day Left, there’s no such thing as gender or biological sex, regardless of which genitalia is present at birth. And if you suggest otherwise, using scientific facts as evidence, these same liberals will launch into a triggered diatribe, typically riddled with vulgarities, about “homophobia” and “transphobia” – two completely made-up words with no actual meaning, it’s important to note.

Or how about healing? Many liberals would have us all believe that the human body is deficient not only in vaccines but also in pharmaceutical drugs, and that without these man-made chemical concoctions, everyone would die by the age of 20, if not sooner. Even though mankind has persisted for millennia without such things, liberals have rewritten their own fake history to suggest that humanity has now “evolved” to the point that mercury-laden jabs, fluoride-laced drug pills, and genetically-engineered “food” are why people are living longer than ever before (which is also a lie).

Liberals also have a penchant for believing and promoting the climate change hoax, which includes the ridiculous belief that natural carbon dioxide is somehow a “pollutant.” With a straight face, many of them will claim right to your face that things like cow farts are warming the planet to the point that ocean levels are rising. Climate fanatic Al Gore even went so far with this insane narrative to claim that high tides, which have been occurring since the beginning of time, are a “consequence” of global warming.

It’s all so ridiculous that anyone with at least two working brain cells can see that the so-called “Party of Science” is actually the Party of Superstition, or perhaps the Party of Scientific Illiteracy. Facts simply don’t matter to liberals, especially when those facts contradict liberals’ favorite pet dogmas. In the Land of Liberals, vaccines and GMOs are perfect inventions, anal sex is completely healthy, and any woman who accuses a man of anything, even if it’s utterly absurd and completely unsubstantiated, is to be automatically believed simply because she has a vagina.

There’s no longer a presupposition among liberals that something has to make sense, be accompanied by actual evidence, or even meet basic requirements for being logical or reasonable. If it sounds good and makes a liberal “feel” good, then it must be good. And if you question that, then you’re just a bigoted, hateful rube.

Honest debate doesn’t even seem to exist anymore, as evidenced by what took place last year at Towson University. Watch the video for yourself to see how low liberals have fallen in being able to defend their beliefs in a sound and logical way.

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