Mouse-to-human FAIL: Mini-kidney “organoids” grown from human stem cells do NOT mimic human kidney growth, instead begin developing their own brains

Our scientific world of discovery and invention is, for the most part, breathtaking and amazing, but some “visionary” scientists think they can accomplish anything and everything in a laboratory, including growing human organs from stem cells. We all know that genetically modified organisms in food have been an epic fail, adding to the cancer and Alzheimer’s epidemics in America, while breeding “super-bugs” and “super-weeds” that have become immune to the toxins now inserted into the genes of our staple crops, including corn, soy, and canola. Now, scientists who thought they could manipulate human stem cells to grow kidneys in a laboratory have found that those Franken-kidneys sprouted their own brain and muscle cells, essentially going “rogue” and “behaving” in this completely unexpected manner.

Washington University School of Medicine lab-grown organ experimental nightmare gone rogue smacks of the “Island of Dr. Moreau”

Scientists in America will try anything to get rich and “save” millions of Americans from their own health demise, that’s usually caused by eating processed junk-science food stuff and lab-concocted GMOs for decades. Arrogant scientists think they can play God in their laboratories and fix everything wrong with sick humans, including their brains and vital organs, but they’re learning the hard, expensive way that they can’t. Scientists are trying to put animal organs in humans and wondering why it doesn’t work out. They’re trying to kill crop-destroying bugs and weeds by inserting pesticide genes in our food, then wondering why it kills the humans who eat it all as well.

Now they think they can simply grow complex human cleansing organs from stem cells and save the world from kidney failure – an epidemic-style problem that’s coming mainly from consuming weed killer regularly. The problem? The scientists can’t seem to control rogue cells that are growing inside the Franken-kidneys that have their own brain and muscle cells.

So what happens if they put these kidneys in humans? Will the human body reject these foreign brain cells and wage a deadly auto-immune war? Or will the humans survive the rogue experimentation and become some freaky beasts with multiple brains and new organ muscles that function independently of the human body that houses them? If this all sounds like a scene from a science-fiction-horror film, that’s because it’s already been filmed.

Watch the scene below from the Academy Award-winning movie, “Island of Dr. Moreau” where a “visionary scientist” (played by Marlon Brando) turns animal life forms into human-like beasts by experimenting in his laboratory.

Millions of Americans suffer from kidney malfunction and failure, with no effective drugs or lab experiments to save them

In America, the majority of consumers have no idea that it’s all the wrong foods that drive their sicknesses. That’s because medical doctors fail to inform them. Everything is blamed on genetics. You “inherited” that cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and yes, that failing liver, kidney, and pancreas too, they claim.

Then those same allopathic quacks sling their lab-made chemical concoctions (prescription pharmaceuticals) and recommend barbaric surgery to fix those health ills that were almost entirely brought on by bad food (and bad medicine) choices. Over 18,000 kidney transplants are performed every year in the United States. The number of living donor transplants have decreased over the past ten years. Patient survival rates in the U.S. are worse than in Europe, Canada, and Australia, for unknown reasons.

While American scientists are overly enthused about all their experimentation with growing kidneys in beakers in laboratories, American consumers should be focused on eating clean, organic food and seeking natural remedies, instead of consuming pesticide-laden conventional produce and genetically mutated “Frankenfood” Monsanto creations, and then hoping some pill-slinging quacks can fix their ills with lab-concocted drugs.

After all, you are what you eat, so if you don’t want pesticide genes creating pesticides in your gut, and you don’t want your “donated” kidneys creating their own brains and muscle tissues, you better treat your God-given vital organs with some respect and care. Otherwise, you’re going to find yourself rotting in some super-bug-ridden hospital bed, wondering why some arrogant scientists and oncologists are still making six and seven figure salaries, even though they can’t seem to fix your organ failure issues with drugs or “rogue” Franken-stem-cells.

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