The Health Ranger exposes Henry I. Miller as Monsanto prostitute

Whenever you see an article published in the mainstream media that tries to defend Monsanto or other key players in the biotechnology industry, chances are it was funded – and possibly even written – by Monsanto itself.

During a recent episode of the Health Ranger Report, available for viewing at, host Mike Adams discussed some of the latest news about Monsanto “shill” and fake science sellout Henry I. Miller, who agreed to have his name printed on an “editorial” that he didn’t even write, but that was exposed as having been written by Monsanto “scientists.”

“The latest news involves Henry I. Miller, who has been exposed as a Monsanto prostitute and shill,” Adams explains.

“He’s an academic, of course, as you might expect. He’s part of the Stanford University organization, and he’s a research fellow there, researching something in science philosophy, I think. And he has been exposed now in emails during the discovery process of a lawsuit in California. He’s been discovered to have peddled a fake editorial to which he claimed he wrote, and it turns out Monsanto wrote it.”

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Henry Miller is a science fraudster who only cares about money, not truth

As Natural News earlier reported, Miller is presented by the mainstream media as some kind of science expert who holds unbiased views in favor of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) and the crop chemicals used to grow them. But we now know that he’s little more than a biotech lapdog who pimps out his name in exchange for cash.

“So, Monsanto wrote the whole editorial, then this guy added a couple of words to it, and forwarded it to, which published it in Henry Miller’s name,” says Adams.

“And for two years, Henry Miller claimed that it was his editorial, that he was the author. And now it comes out that he was lying all along because he is a science fraudster. He is a corrupt prostitute for Monsanto and the biotech industry. He’s part of the Monsanto Mafia.”

Corrupt ACSH that Henry Miller used to run now controlled by convicted felon, Gilbert Ross

We also now know that the so-called American Council on Science and Health (ACSH), which Miller used to head, is one of the criminal enterprises that’s been used to spread fake news in support of Monsanto’s products. According to Adams, the ACSH is currently run by a convicted felon named Gilbert Ross who’s worked with both Miller and convicted wife-beater Jon Entine to smear anyone who questions Monsanto’s fabricated talking points.

“This was the same group that attacked Dr. Oz,” warns Adams. “Henry Miller, Jon Entine, and Gilbert Ross are, sort of, the Monsanto Mafia bosses.”

“They’re all psychopaths. They’re all dangerous science terrorists. Jon Entine is a violent wife-beater. We exposed all of his divorce records. Gilbert Ross, already mentioned … (he’s) a convicted felon for fraud. And now, of course, Henry Miller is exposed.”

Henry Miller used to spread the same science fraud for his other former employer, the tobacco industry

Another thing to keep in mind about Miller is that he used to shill for the tobacco industry, which similarly paid him to spread fake science about cigarettes.

“These people are all science terrorists,” Adams explains.

“And what they do is they take a bunch of money from these powerful corporations like Big Tobacco, or Monsanto, or others, and then they use it to run smear campaigns and attack campaigns, or what’s called negative PR, against activists like myself or the Food Babe or Dr. Oz – they’ve gone after anybody who is opposed to GMOs who is being effective at that opposition.”

“They control Wikipedia, they place stories in the press that are false, that are slanderous and defamatory. They run a massive operation.”

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