Transgenderism is the “Flat Earth” theory of the science-challenged Left

For all the ways that liberal leftists love to claim that they’ve “evolved” beyond what they regard as primitive concepts like God and religion, they sure do have an obsessive and almost cult-like devotion to their own denominations of secular humanism. When you really stop to think about it, a leftist creed like transgenderism, for instance, is quite literally its own faith-based religious system – and one so insanely wacky that it ranks right up there with deranged concepts like the “flat earth” theory, whose adherents wholly reject the undeniable fact that our planet is shaped like a globe.

Even though it can be easily proven without an astronomy degree that the earth is round simply by looking at the obvious curve of the horizon out of an airplane window during flight, so-called “flat-earthers” have somehow deluded themselves into believing that the earth is shaped more like a Frisbee or a pancake. Again, this is easily disproven by the additional fact that airplanes and ships routinely travel the circumference of the earth without falling off an imaginary edge, but the Cult of the Flat Earth can’t be persuaded: To them, the earth is flat, no matter what proof or evidence they might be shown to the contrary.

Categorically speaking, transgenderism is cut from the very same cloth of religious zealotry and cultism. Even though it has been shown time and time again that changing one’s sex is biologically impossible, followers of the Cult of Transgenderism are somehow convinced that reprogramming human biology is as simple as cutting off one’s genitalia and wearing stereotypical clothing of the opposite sex. No matter how many times they’re told that such actions represent little more than bodily mutilation and playing dress-up, they won’t hear it, and to them, even making such a suggestion is the embodiment of hate speech.

What the Cult of the Flat Earth and the Cult of Transgenderism both have in common is that neither religion is capable of listening to opposing viewpoints that aim to present facts as an argument as opposed to emotional hysteria. Flat-earthers are notorious for shutting their ears off the moment someone attempts to present any scientific evidence whatsoever in support of the idea that the earth is round – because to them, that’s just NASA propaganda. End of story. Transgenderists are consistently more militant in their approach, casting anyone who presents them with factual evidence showing that transgenderism is a farce as spreading hate and violence in an attempt to silence all opposing speech.

The Cult of Transgenderism is eerily similar to radical Islam in how it views unbelievers as ‘infidels’

For the most part, flat-earthers are a harmless cult, as they tend to reverberate their crazy conspiracy theories primarily within the walls of their own echo chambers. They don’t threaten violence or other forms of punishment against non-flat-earthers, for example, nor do they insist that everyone else outside of their cult convert to being a flat-earther (at least not yet). But transgenderists are a whole different animal, their methods of “evangelism” bearing a considerably more nefarious tone that eerily embodies the same types of forced conversion tactics employed during medieval times as part of the religious crusades.

In the deranged mindset of the transgenderist, there is absolutely no room for disagreement. It’s a lot like radical Islam in the fact that everyone is expected to accept transgenderism as fact, or else face serious consequences like social ostracization, career loss, imprisonment (because disagreeing with transgender doctrine is now considered to be a “hate crime”), or potentially worse. It’s a dangerous and radical belief system with no basis in reality, and yet its adherents won’t cease their holy war until everyone on the planet forcibly converts and accepts their rainbow badge of allegiance.

Both the mainstream media and academia are largely complicit in fomenting this radical terror cult, which rejects all forms of criticism and demands absolute acceptance and support. We’ve seen that, even when presented with conclusive evidence that transgenderism is a serious mental illness that requires treatment rather than open acceptance, transgenderists simply will not tolerate such a notion. They further reject proven statistics showing that many transgenders contemplate harming or killing themselves after undergoing invasive and irreversible surgeries that permanently mutilate their bodies, again rejecting such a notion as “hate speech.”

And with the help of the entire collective of the LGBTQ mafia, the Cult of Transgenderism is rapidly becoming an official state religion, of sorts – the golden calf of secular humanism that demands all who exist in its presence to bow down in worship. Those who refuse are the triggers that ultimately set off transgenderists into a maniacal rage that commands harsh consequences.

“… [T]oday we live in a cultural climate in which to have ordinary questions about one’s sexuality is to be drawn into a powerful cultural movement that is celebrated by the media, and that demonizes anyone who challenges its radical claims,” writes Rod Dreher for The American Conservative about how the Cult of Transgenderism is destroying the very fabric of American civilization.

“They have torn down the cultural and psychological barriers that in the past would have guided young people through the often difficult psychosexual terrain of adolescence and early adulthood. Now there is no road map. To be lost is to find yourself, they say … We are going to have to take radical steps to withdraw from this popular culture if we are going to spare our kids its madness.”

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