Government agencies fabricate science data all the time, warns science whistleblower

One of the biggest lies ever told by the left – and there have been many – is the idea that manmade global warming is going to lead to the end of our world, and that the only thing that can stop it is the implementation of a massive, centralized government. In order to sell this lie to the American people, the progressives routinely seek to strike fear into the hearts of whoever will listen to them, making wild predictions of rising sea levels, massive hurricanes, and even the eventual extinction of the human race. What makes matters worse is that these lies are repeated at virtually every level of American society, from the mainstream media, to Hollywood, to college campuses. As such, millions of Americans are often eager to surrender their liberty as a means of combatting something that doesn’t even exist.

David Lewis of the Focus For Health Foundation recently published an article on the Daily Caller in which he sought to shed some light on the left’s use of lies and fabrications to sell their radical climate agenda. “The public is largely unaware that federal agencies often engage in fabricating scientific data to support their policies and cover up any evidence whenever the screw up,” Lewis wrote, adding that this pattern of lying isn’t limited to the Environmental Protection Agency or the CDC. (Related: Climate change science is imploding as it is revealed that IPCC climate models have been wrong this entire time.)

Lewis went on to point out how last year, Deputy Inspector General Mary L. Kenda reported on widespread scientific misconduct within a U.S. Geological Survey lab located in Lakewood, Colorado. At the time, Kenda noted that the data manipulation that went on had “serious and far ranging” impacts on the credibility of the agency.

In addition, Lewis recalled more scientific data manipulation that occurred back in 2008, when the Environmental Protection Agency, the United States Department of Agriculture, and the University of Georgia were caught intentionally publishing false information to cover up cattle deaths linked to EPA and USDA environmental policies.

“Reversing this culture of corruption will require changing the dimensions and course of the river of federal funds flowing into pools of academic scientists willing to selectively publish data to support government policies and certain industry practices,” Lewis ultimately concluded, explaining that President Trump has the ability to “eliminate federal funding of data fabrication” by “putting accomplished scientists in charge who understand both science and the federal bureaucracy and will do whatever is necessary.”

But David Lewis of the Focus For Health Foundation is not the only one who has accused agencies like the EPA and the USDA of manipulating climate change data. Earlier this year, a former scientist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration by the name of Dr. John Bates came forward and alleged that his former colleagues would manipulate environmental data for political purposes. Needless to say, it is sad and even pathetic that such respected agencies intentionally twist the facts that they feed to the American people, all to grow the size of the government and take away more of our liberty. (Related: The founder of the Weather Channel has stated that climate change is nothing but science fraud run by the left.)

One of Donald Trump’s most significant accomplishments as President of the United States thus far has been his decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement. The deal was easily one of the worst arrangements that the U.S. has ever entered into, and would have crippled America’s economy in a relatively short amount of time. Furthermore, the Paris agreement was a trap. It was a trap to get the American people willing and even excited about the idea of surrendering their individual rights, and it was a trap to ultimately establish a new world order with a single global government.

However, even though President Trump saved our country from this terrible fate, the progressives will continue doing what they do best when it comes to the issue of climate change – lying and deceiving the American people for political gain.

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