Transgender summer camp now enrolling toddlers as young as four years old

Is your child gender fluid? Does it not identify as either a male or a female, even though it hasn’t even yet reached puberty? Is it insistent that you use strange pronouns when referring to it? Well, there’s a place for it to be in like company at the “Rainbow Day Camp,” located in the San Francisco Bay area of California.

According to reports, this controversial summer camp for “gender diverse youth” accepts toddlers as young as four years of age, who are encouraged to express their non-existent sexuality in whatever way they see fit. The camp also offers a variety of “gender expansive” programs whereby children can interact in a “community of peers that will provide a safe space for the exploration of gender identity and expression.”

For children in the 13-17 years of age category, Rainbow Day Camp offers special programs for non-binary, questioning, “genderqueer”, and trans teens who are told to explore their gender identity while exploring local activities, all within a community of others just like them (or perhaps not like them, depending on how one looks at it).

What the younger children do at Rainbow Day Camp isn’t listed on the camp’s website, though if the camp’s general curriculum description and source are any indication, these little ones are presumably being encouraged to think through whether or not their developing private parts match their biological genders – you know, normal kid stuff.

“Our approach to self-empowerment at Bay Area Rainbow Day Camp is unique,” the camp website explains. “We take research based social-emotional intelligence curricula of RULER from Yale University’s Center for Emotional Intelligence, best practices of creating identity safety and the most celebratory approaches of Gender Pride and Resilience to help gender diverse children where they encounter bias.”

Encouraging children to embrace transgenderism is child abuse

If this all sounds like some kind of sick, perverted joke, it is. But Rainbow Day Camp is a very real place, and according to reports, enrollment there is soaring – so much, in fact, that it’s tripled to some 60 youngsters ranging in age from four to 14 since it first opened three summers ago.

Where are all of these children coming from? Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and even Africa, the camp claims. And because of its wild popularity, Rainbow Day Camp plans to open up even more branches all across the country to accommodate the growing number of gender-confused children who apparently need to learn important life lessons such as how to choose the best gender pronouns to avoid getting triggered.

What these children really need, of course, is the opportunity to grow up – not be encouraged to embrace transgender mental illness. Many children who experience what some experts have dubbed as “gender dysphoria” eventually grow out of it. Parents and others who aid them in accepting their confusion are actually doing them great harm.

In an article entitled “Growing Pains: Problems with Puberty Suppression in Treating Gender Dysphoria,” three prominent medical experts explain that encouraging children to explore transgenderism and other “gender fluid” identities may drive some of them “to persist in identifying as transgender when they might otherwise have, as they grow older, found their gender to be aligned with their sex.”

“… [T]he interference with normal pubertal development will influence the gender identity of the child by reducing the prospects for developing a gender identity corresponding to his or her biological sex,” the article adds.

In truth, Rainbow Day Camp and any other places like it represent little more than child abuse centers that are setting gender-confused children up for a lifetime of pain, mental anguish, and possibly even suicide.

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