After denying the existence of GEOENGINEERING, the scientific status quo now claims it can save the world

Anyone who speaks out about chem-trails is immediately dismissed as a paranoid conspiracy theorist. No one is allowed to question what they see in the sky, even when multiple white gridlines are expanding and falling. Why would the government spray chemicals across the sky and poison the people in the process? Even if some organization was spraying us with aluminum nanoparticles, are we supposed to trust that it is all for the greater good and there will be no unintended consequences?

After denying the existence of geoengineering for years, the scientific status quo now claims strategic atmospheric aerosol injections can save the world from – you guessed it – climate change.

Geoengineering isn’t talked about much in classrooms or in the mainstream media, even though weather and temperature manipulation is a very real field of study. Geoengineering refers to any artificial manipulation of Earth’s energy, weather, or climate to achieve a desired result. Wide scale geoengineering projects are so invasive, they need convincing for public support and lots of funding. That’s why the term climate change was invented, to scare the public and convince them the planet needs to be saved with their tax dollars. With public support, climatologists can then control and manipulate the weather.

Climate change is talked about rather frequently in classrooms and in the mainstream media. If the majority of people are made to believe that the Earth is in peril and in need of human manipulation, then the solution will be easy to sell. The solution to so-called climate change is wide scale geoengineering experiments, which are currently being carried out covertly.

The scientific status quo is now praising geoengineering for weather control

An international team of atmospheric scientists are now praising several combined geoengineering strategies for their success in reducing temperature and precipitation levels. Their research, published by Geophysical Research Letters, blames atmospheric greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide for unpredictable climate and rising temperatures. The team of scientists includes Carnegie’s Ken Caldeira, Long Cao and Lei Duan of Zhejiang University, and Govindasamy Bala of the Indian Institute of Science. They propose that a “cocktail” of geoengineering tools could control the weather. One of these strategies involves injecting the stratosphere with light scattering particles. By itself, this method of climate manipulation has a disruptive effect on rainfall. As the sunlight is scattered, precipitation levels fall, potentially causing regional droughts. Another method of climate manipulation involves interference with cirrus clouds. When cirrus clouds are artificially broken up and thinned out, trapped heat is allowed to escape back to outer space. This method releases excess heat but doesn’t do enough to control precipitation, the scientists found. (Related: Why do climate change alarmist want a colder, icier planet?)

Not getting the results they desired, the team of international scientists tried combining the two methods in a simulation experiment. By combing both methods, they believe they can better reverse the effects of climate change on a regional and global scale.

“As far as I know, this is the first study to try to model using two different geoengineering approaches simultaneously to try to improve the overall fit of the technology,” Caldeira explained.

When both methods are deployed simultaneously, a cooling effect is observed, a temperature reduction not witnessed since before modern industrialization. The biggest unknown is precipitation, which varied from one region to the next.

“The same amount of rain fell around the globe in our models, but it fell in different places, which could create a big mismatch between what our economic infrastructure expects and what it will get,” Caldeira explained. “More complicated geoengineering solutions would likely do a bit better, but the best solution is simply to stop adding greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.”

In the future, geoengineering will cause tensions between Nations, as explained by the CIA director. Geoengineering will continue to be used as a weapon of war to cause drought or  health problems across populations of people. Furthermore, the unintended consequences of weather manipulation will cause real cause and effect climate problems for many people. Playing God and claiming power over the skies and the population, these arrogant climate manipulators must be brought to their knees before they do further damage to the environment and the human race. (For more information, visit Geoengineering.News.)

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