Climate buffoon Al Gore said on national TV that rising ocean levels are already causing fish to be seen “swimming in the streets” of Miami

Climate change magnate and multi-millionaire Al Gore seems to have emerged from the woodwork of his $9 million mansion with a new message for the world: Global warming is already here! He apparently saw it personally during a recent trip to Miami, where an unusual tide event brought water and fish into the streets in a few areas of the city along the coast – on a sunny day, no less.

The National Weather Service (NWS) says a super moon and particularly aggressive easterly winds are to blame for this otherwise non-event. But Gore claims to know better, insisting during an interview on an episode of The New York Times‘ “DealB%k” show that “melting ice” has clearly raised sea levels all around the world, and that “quite a number” of coastal cities are now being affected.

Naval Station in Norfolk, Virginia, currently the world’s largest naval base, is also in trouble, according to Gore. Though nothing has changed there as far as water levels are concerned, Gore says the entire base is going to have to be relocated to escape being inundated with water in the same way as Miami – though he provided no insights as to when the nation should expect this to occur.

As Gore was trying to spread fear and climate hysteria, the NWS was quick to explain that the water and fish incident in Miami was caused primarily by a combination of the new moon and blustery winds – neither of which are global warming. But why miss an opportunity to spread climate myths, especially when your entire life’s work centers around them?

Watch the video and see for yourself as Gore bumbles through his tall tale expressing feigned concern over its supposed ramifications.

Al Gore is going to need a new hobby and income stream once every last climate lie has been exposed and debunked

As you may recall, Al Gore is the same climate conspiracy theorist who released a documentary back in 2006 entitled “An Inconvenient Truth” that made all sorts of wild claims about where the world was headed due to global warming. In the film, Gore claimed that by the year 2016, the world “would reach a point of no return,” which clearly hasn’t happened.

Just a few days ago, Fox News‘ Chris Wallace took Gore to the woodshed over his crazy past claims that never claim true. Wallace asked Gore point blank, “Weren’t you wrong?” Gore would have been smart to fess up and just admit that climate lies are the bread and butter of his existence, and that it was all just a big politically-motivated fraud. Instead, he answered with a no, adding:

Well we have seen a decline in emissions on a global basis. For the first time they’ve stabilized and started to decline. So some of the responses for the last 10 years have helped, but unfortunately and regrettably a lot of serious damage has been done.

Wait, so global warming is a serious problem because fish and water are flooding the streets of Miami. But now that we know this isn’t actually true, the story has morphed into, well, emissions have dropped and there’s no more global warming. Gore just can’t seem to keep his story straight, but who really cares when you’ve already made your millions, right?

Al Gore isn’t concerned with saving the planet; he’s concerned with lining his pocketbook and his maintaining his livelihood. He’s made millions of dollars spreading climate lies, which means he has to keep the jig going or else face losing his one, and probably only, source of income: Spreading delusions about climate change.


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