Greg Gutfeld shreds Bill Nye and the delusional “March for Science” in Fox interview

Just because he wears a bow tie and a lab coat doesn’t mean that he’s an authoritative source of all things true concerning science. But that’s how some people still perceive the charlatan known as Bill Nye “the science guy” of television fame, who has repeatedly turned down the opportunity to debate actual scientists in defense of his positions, presumably out of fear that he would be completely slaughtered on the facts and exposed as a fraud.

Nye has chosen, in recent years, to take an aggressive position in favor of the theory of man-made climate change, using his platform and reputation to push this as fact to anyone who will listen. One of the mascots representing the recent “March for Science,” which took aim at the Trump Administration for its opposing position on this particular issue, Nye became an honorary co-chair for the demonstration, claiming that his views on what constitute science need to be upheld at the federal level because they serve “every one of us.”

But not everyone is buying what Nye is trying to sell them, including Greg Gutfeld from Fox News. Gutfield ripped Nye a new one during a recent segment on his show, challenging his refusal to debate other scientists as being rooted in cowardice and fear. Since Nye isn’t even a scientist – in reality, he’s a comedian with a degree in mechanical engineering – he likely knows full well that he would be unable to hold his own in an actual scientific debate involving facts.

Watch Gutfield as he highlights Bill Nye’s hypocrisy and fear of being challenged in the following video clip posted to Twitter.

The true test of real science is that it holds up to skepticism and scrutiny

What makes people like Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and other modern figures of “science” so particularly irritating isn’t necessarily their positions – every person is free to believe whatever he or she chooses to believe, and should be able to do so without fear of persecution or reprisal. It’s the fact that these individuals dogmatically demand that everyone else accept them as well – sometimes with outlandish vulgarity – refusing in the process to have these beliefs challenged or tested.

The only reason that science has even progressed to the point that it has today is because the scientific theories of old were tried and tested, and then tested again, in some cases proving false and being scrapped and replaced. This is what represents true science: The idea that mankind’s theories about the various ways in which the world works are open to rigorous debate and skepticism.

What Nye and others like him are advocating for, on the other hand, is a type of scientific fascism in which even the most well-reasoned questioning of the status quo is completely off limits. Anyone who challenges what these individuals believe about the world is considered to be “anti-science” and “anti-progress” – and who wants to be lumped into these categories?

“You see, Bill breaks the golden rule of science,” Gutfeld stated emphatically on his show.

“He’s mocking skepticism, which is the spine behind the scientific method. An actual scientist embraces debate because it sharpens [his] research. Look, you can still want clean air and clean water. But you can also question climate predictions, too, because they’re often horribly wrong. But Bill paints everyone a critic as anti-science – even those who tread carefully through the data.”

The complete, seven-minute video of Gutfield giving a rundown on Bill Nye’s erroneous positions concerning science is available at


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