Delusional artist says climate change will make jellyfish and seaweed dining table staples

Are you ready to make jellyfish salad and seaweed and sea kale Ceasar part of your diet? A fictional photo essay by Allie Wist, Associate Art Director at Saveur, has attempted to show the significant impact that climate change will bring to our dinner tables. The art project, Flooded, was the result of Wist taking scientific data about foods central to climate change and turning them into a seafood spread.

Along with food stylist C.C. Buckley, photographer Heami Lee, and prop stylist Rebecca Bartoshesy, Wist crafted a fictional menu that consisted of resilient foods most readily available along the New England coast. “Research shows that that this are in the next century will be susceptible to up to three feet of sea level rising and I was using this as the inspiration for the food photographs,” Wist has told

Ingredients such as bivalves, seaweed, and jellyfish would become more common in a future where the majority of land-based foods have been all but depleted. The rising sea levels would also affect the world’s water supply, making potable water a scarce commodity. “I think it’s likely we’ll rely heavily on wild foods that can survive, as Allie established in her research, ‘volatile climates’,” Buckley said. “The juxtaposition there, of course, is that currently we’ve industrialized so much of how we eat, and that industrialization is responsible, in big ways, for the environmental crisis we face. So we’ll also have no choice but to make due with the consequences of what we are choosing to prioritize right now: over fishing the sea and relying on farmed seafood, soy production, the exhaustion and pollution of fresh water sources.”

An ardent follower of climate change news, Wist believes that climate change has “become this future vision that’s right in front of us.” This project was Wist’s method of making what she claims is a highly-politicized issue more palatable and easier to understand for people. According to Wist, “people have to start to realize that their daily activities could change, will change, because of this thing that they consider abstract.”

On “climate change”

The fact is that climate change has been shown to be more fabrication than fact, putting most climate change claims squarely in the category of junk science.

Jack Kerwick of has called climate change “a political issue saturated in fake science.” According to Kerwick, the “political” aspect can be traced back to the 2009 “Climategate” leaks that revealed a system built on fraud and corruption, wherein climate scientists were falsifying data to support their claims. Kerwick goes on to add that “global warming” was simply part of the Earth’s natural warming and cooling cycles.

This statement has been supported by the scientists from, explaining that the carbon dioxide emissions supposedly responsible for global warming have been the result, not the cause, of warming. They cite geological fieldwork in recent sediments as proof of this relationship. Even the melting of glaciers and polar ice caps — supposed agents for rising sea levels — are all part of natural cycles affected by equally natural variables. (Related: The REAL FAKE NEWS exposed: ‘97% of scientists agree on climate change’ is an engineered hoax… here’s what the media never told you)

Whatever the future holds for our food supply, it won’t be one heavily reliant on the ocean. Feel free to visit for more information.

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