Breast cancer BOMBSHELL: Women being CONNED into mastectomy surgery by doctors who SCARE them with false genetic testing results, warn Stanford medical researchers

Women all across America are being conned into medically unnecessary breast removal surgery (bilateral mastectomy surgery) by doctors who scare them with “fake science” by falsely describing genetic testing results, warn researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine.

Women who have harmless genetic variants called VUS (Variants of Uncertain Significance) are falsely being told by nearly half of all breast cancer surgeons that they have the “breast cancer gene” (BRCA1 or BRCA2) and therefore must have the surgery to save their lives. Famously, Angelina Jolie underwent a bilateral mastectomy after being told she carried the gene for breast cancer, but these new findings by Stanford researchers call into question whether her surgery was medically necessary at all.

In essence, Stanford University researchers reveal that unscrupulous cancer surgeons are defrauding patients with “fake science” scare tactics. This is also raising health care expenditures of pension programs, private insurance and public insurance systems such as Obamacare, causing governments to waste huge amounts of money on medically unjustified surgery. Not coincidentally, the more dishonest cancer surgeons can scare women into agreeing to surgical procedures, the more money they make for themselves (regardless of the medical necessity of the procedure). In essence, the “fake science” of misinterpreting genetic testing results has become a lucrative revenue source for the breast cancer surgery industry.

“Our findings suggest a limited understanding among physicians and patients of the meaning of genetic testing results,” said Allison Kurian, MD, associate professor of medicine and of health research and policy at Stanford, as reported in this Stanford media release.

In other words, it’s incredibly easy for doctors to trick patients with sciency-sounding scare stories, knowing that few patients can interpret genetic testing results on their own. Dr. Kurian goes on to explain that doctors are knowingly scaring women who have these non-risky variants into falsely believing they have “breast cancer genes.”

She explains, “Clinical practice guidelines state that variants of uncertain significance should not be considered to confer high cancer risk, and that patients with these variants should be counseled similarly to a patient whose genetic test is normal. However, many of the physicians surveyed in our study stated that they manage these patients in the same way as they do patients with mutations known to increase a woman’s risk.”

When genetic tests show LOW risk, cancer surgeons tell women they are at HIGH risk for breast cancer

In other words, even when genetic results show women to be at very low risk for genetically-caused breast cancer, many doctors invoke “fake science” and tell those women they are at high risk for breast cancer. Sadly, the study also finds that only about half of all women who undergo genetic testing ever discuss the test results with a qualified genetic counselor who can properly interpret the findings.

ACTION ITEM: Never consent to breast removal surgery unless you have a genetic test interpreted by an independent genetic counselor who is qualified to interpret the results (and who has no financial stake in your surgery). Never trust a cancer surgeon who stands to profit from your surgery.

Not surprisingly, the study also found that breast cancer surgeons tend to default to the “most scary” interpretation of genetic test results. When they aren’t sure exactly what all the genetic variants really mean in terms of real risk for the patient, cancer surgeons usually just tell women they’re at “high risk” and command them to undergo surgery. As Stanford explains:

Uncertainties as to the meaning of test results may lead less-experienced surgeons to recommend aggressive treatment in the form of bilateral mastectomies, or cause women to opt for what they may feel is the safest option to manage their cancer.

By “safest option,” they mean surgical removal of both breasts, even if it’s medically unnecessary. That’s a form of so-called “medical violence,” and it’s more common than you might suspect. Follow more news about medical violence against women and children at

Many cancer surgeons LIE to women in order to make money by maiming them for life

The study also found that up to half of all breast cancer surgeons knowingly and deliberately tell women with harmless VUS mutations that they have the “breast cancer gene” and will develop cancer if they don’t “treat” their genetic “disease” (by surgically removing their breasts).

An earlier study carried out by the same team also found that fewer than 27% of women diagnosed with breast cancer pursue genetic testing, and when testing is done, over 40% are found to NOT have high-risk genetic mutations such as BRCA1 and BRCA2.

The study also found that roughly a quarter of the women who underwent genetic testing did so only after breast removal surgery. “[C]ritical decisions were made about their care before information about their mutation status was available,” says the Stanford media release.

“We’re learning that clinicians’ knowledge of breast cancer genetics can be highly variable,” said Kurian, who is a member of the Stanford Cancer Institute. That’s a nice way of saying that breast cancer surgeons often have no idea what they’re talking about when they interpret genetic testing results.

Many breast cancer surgeons are already known to be sociopathic, deranged individuals such as Dr. David Gorski, a psychopath who surgically maims black women in Detroit for profit. Known as one of the most psychologically unstable surgeons in the nation, Dr. David Gorski spends most of his time trolling critics of the pharmaceutical industry, earning him a steady stream of complaints from patients. Natural News filed a detailed fraud complaint about Dr. Gorski with the FBI.

There’s little doubt that doctors like Dr. Gorski routinely maim women for profit by lying about genetic test results to their patients, scaring them into medically unnecessary cancer treatments. He’s already known for being caught up in an ethics violation conflict of interest regarding a drug trial that failed. He has also been accused of promoting cancer-causing medical interventions that benefited him financially. Even further, one of Dr. Gorski’s colleagues, Dr. Farid Fata, was indicted, convicted and imprisoned by federal authorities for running a massive cancer fraud operation that falsely diagnosed patients with cancer in order to profit from their “treatment.” That’s why Dr. Gorski is already known as a “ticking time bomb” for malpractice and medical lawsuits.

“It’s important for women at high risk of carrying a dangerous mutation to see someone with expertise in cancer genetics when planning their care,” says Dr. Kurian. “Unfortunately, in many cases genetic counselors may not be optimally integrated into the care of newly diagnosed cancer patients, making it difficult to rapidly triage these patients.”

In other words, women who desperately need accurate interpretation of genetic testing results are often just thrown into the meat grinder of breast cancer surgery even when they don’t carry high-risk genetic mutations at all.

Cancer surgeons make money regardless of whether their surgery is medically justified, of course, and they’ve come to find that it’s incredibly easy to scare women into consent by dazzling them with genetic lingo. In this way, cancer surgeons have essentially become the used car salesmen of medicine, lying to their patients in order to earn profits from maiming them for life.

This study was published online in the April 12th issue of the Journal of Clinical Oncology. University of Michigan researchers Reshma Jagsi, MD, DPhil, and Steven Katz, MD, MPH, share senior authorship.

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