Science is broken: Fraudulent studies, non-reproducible results, corporate money influence… it’s all falling apart

When the scientific method is no longer about science and truth, but endowments, grants, tenure and keeping a paradigm of falsehood under wraps, it is time for a truth revolution. A brilliant article that meticulously describes the devastating compromises and subterfuge slithering about in boardrooms, scientific journals, research projects and universities is William A. Wilson’s “Scientific Regress.”

Here is an excerpt:

“There’s an ­unspoken rule in the pharmaceutical industry that half of all academic biomedical research will ultimately prove false, and in 2011 a group of researchers at Bayer decided to test it. Looking at sixty-seven recent drug discovery projects based on preclinical cancer biology research, they found that in more than 75 percent of cases the published data did not match up with their in-house attempts to replicate. These were not studies published in fly-by-night oncology journals, but blockbuster research featured in Science, Nature, Cell, and the like. … Perhaps so many of these new drugs fail to have an effect because the basic research on which their development was based isn’t valid.”

Most lay people are familiar with the term peer-reviewed. There’s a trust factor involved with an independent and thorough review of scientific material. From

“Peer review helps validate research, establish a method by which it can be evaluated, and increase networking possibilities within research communities. Despite criticisms, peer review is still the only widely accepted method for research validation.”

If research is peer-reviewed, and most scientific scholarly materials cannot be published without it, one would hope that those peers are truly evaluating what they are reading. But that’s not happening. The Week reports:

“In 2011, the pharmaceutical company Bayer looked at 67 blockbuster drug discovery research findings published in prestigious journals, and found that three-fourths of them weren’t right. Another study of cancer research found that only 11 percent of preclinical cancer research could be reproduced. …

“The peer review process doesn’t work. Most observers of science guffaw at the so-called ‘Sokal Affair’ where a physicist named Alan Sokal submitted a gibberish paper to an obscure social studies journal, which accepted it. Less famous is a similar hoodwinking of the very prestigious British Medical Journal, to which a paper with eight major errors was submitted. Not a single one of the 221 scientists who reviewed the paper caught all the errors in it, and only 30 percent of reviewers recommended that the paper be rejected. Amazingly, the reviewers who were warned that they were in a study and that the paper might have problems with it found no more flaws than the ones who were in the dark.”

Human error? Fraud? Is it a system of Scientism, where peers are trained/brainwashed to disallow truths that conflict with conventional beliefs? Science promoting vaccines, the food supply, pharmaceuticals, cancer or transhumanists’ desire to be gods, has ballooned into billion-dollar enterprises of lies, deception and murder. Listen to this podcast from the Health Ranger on the “Cult of ‘Scientism’ explained,” and it may make your blood boil.

For a more recent example of scientific disinformation, one not need look far. Natural News reports:

“Most of you have probably heard about the firestorm caused by Andrew Wakefield’s explosive documentary VAXXED, which details decades of scientific fraud covering up the link between vaccines and the injuries they routinely cause.

“Well, Natural News has now learned from trusted sources that Wikipedia‘s incredibly biased entry on VAXXED was written by none other than pro-vaccine shill Dr. David Gorski, notorious for his relentless and callous attacks on vaccine skeptics, alternative medicine, and its supporters.”

Truth is the most powerful force in the universe. Bring it on.



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